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The Catholic Education Commission Tasmania (CECT) is appointed by the Archbishop and is the overarching strategic planning and policy making body for Catholic education in Tasmania. The current Chair of the Commission is Hon. Michael Polley AM.

The Commission has a strategic role in promoting and advocating for Catholic education, is responsible for representing Catholic Education Tasmania in Commonwealth and State arenas, and is the recognised approved body for the distribution of government funding within Catholic Education Tasmania.

The Commission advises and assists the Archbishop of Hobart, and operates in accord with the Archbishop’s direction as well as the doctrines and laws of the Church. 

CECT is the recognised governance authority for 35 Archdiocesan schools and colleges and the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office, and works in collaboration with the governing bodies of the three Congregational Schools operating in the Archdiocese of Hobart: Dominic College, St Francis Flexible Learning Centre, and St Virgil’s College.

The Executive Director of Catholic Education, as Executive Officer of the Commission, has delegated power of attorney from the Church Trust Corporation to act on the Commission's behalf in all civil matters, excluding the sale and purchase of property. 

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